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Homeopathic Lyme Suggestions

Homeopathic protocol for Lyme

I am now using Samsarac which can be found on Amazon. This is a powder to add to a drink (something to hide the test for me). It is helping me reverse Lyme symptoms but this is in my case, not necessarily another person's. Disclaimer, not promising it will help others. Just something to try................


follow these steps below, which I did before using Samsarac. Whatever works for you.

Step 1

1. Ledum palustre 200c — every 3 hours— day 1

2. 2x daily— for a week

3. 2x weekly— for a month

4. 1x weekly— for a month

Step 2

1. Aurum arsenicum— 2x daily —for a week

Step 3

1. Lyme noscode 30. Or

2. Borrelia 30. — 1x daily, 3 days. Then stop. May have to use it every few

months if symptoms remain

Step 2a

1. Hypericum perforatum mixed — take with ledum

2. Arsenicum album— take at same time as ledum. Take 2x daily— first

week. Then taper off like ledum.

Should be gone after this. Or

May need to repeat every few months until gone completely

This is from Joette Calabrese Practical Homeopathy Inc.

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH

June 15th, 2014

Disclaimer: This is not a promise of a cure nor any form of guarantee by

this posting or the author it comes from. These are suggestions that

hopefully will help someone with Lyme disease, newly obtained, or even a

chronic illness, to improve or even have no more Lyme symptoms. There

are many other things that can be done along with these to assist with this.

© VLufbery 2/5/2023 updated

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