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This area is for the stories that go with the Images.  Some personal and others are from those who have these images and special to that person.  Please help us with any stories you may have like these.

Time is Precious

This image is the Clock in front of the Wallingford Town Hall, Wallingford, CT.

When I took this picture in the summer of 2022, it was for fun and a competition.

My husband and I gave this picture to our doctor.  Our doctor has this picture displayed in the exam room for all to see.  When a patient asked about this picture, our doctor passed along these special words:

“A patient of mine took this picture.  Time is Precious because this patient is a friend of mine.  Shortly after taking this picture, her husband, also a very special friend of mine, passed away.  So, remember that Time is Precious.”

Time Is Precious_edited.jpg

The Magic of Flowers

This image truly happened "by accident" when I was creating an image from two other images.  When I sandwiched them, the result was different than I planned, but one that I truly preferred.  I used it for someone's birthday the next day and her exclamation was "this is gorgeous!"

The Magic of Flowers copy.jpg
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